With the promising results of the third y(oung)ESAO event 2011 in Porto the Rostock congress will again dedicate the day before the official congress start to a special meeting for students of all kinds, post-docs, clinicians, engineers, and scientists in early career stages. The yESAO activities aim at improving the interaction between young scientists whose research interests are focused on different organs and their support and replacement methodologies.
The activities will consist of social events on two evenings and one day of scientific and career talks. The first half of the day is dedicated to the organs heart, lung, liver, kidney and blood and the interaction between them. In the second half scientific career options and experiences will be presented.

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Sept. 24th Monday
20:00    Meet together in Rostock: Bar “Hemmingway” (presumably)

Sept. 25th Tuesday Hochschule für Musik und Theater
08:30-13:00    Focus on major organs, their support/replacement and their mutual interaction and interdependency
08:30-09:00    S. Jacobs & T. Verbelen (Leuven, Belgium)
“Heart: From basic physiology to failure treatment with mechanical ventricular support”
09:00-09:30    R. Borchardt (Aachen, Germany)
“Lung: Understanding organ function and treatment options for dysfunction”

09:30-10:00    Coffee break & discussion

10:00-10:30    H. Prophet (Rostock, Germany)
“Kidney: Apheresis - a renal replacement spin off and its application”
10:30-11:00    N. Raschzok (Berlin, Germany)
“Liver: Current regenerative strategies and future solutions for the liver”

11:00-11:30    Coffee break & discussion

11:30-12:00    B. Krolitzki & M. Müller (Hannover, Germany)
“Blood as an organ: Composition, functions and interaction with [artificial]organs”
12:00-13:00    F. Moscato (Vienna, Austria)
Moderated panel discussion: „Searching for the links among the organs”

13:00-14:00    Lunch

14:00-16:30    Our scientific career in Europe
14:00-15:30    Stories from PhD and Post-doc careers:
Austria–M. Granegger; Belgium–S. Jacobs; England–G. Bruti; France–ASKcecile?; Germany–T. Kaufmann; Italy–A. Di Molfetta; Poland–K Zieliński; Scotland–L. Shedden; Spain–C. Amoros; USA–
15:30-16:00    Prof. B. Vollmar (University of Rostock, Rostock, Germany)
“University research: known opportunities & obstacles”
16:00-16:30    Dr. P. Rutherford (Baxter Healthcare SA. Zurich, Switzerland)
“Research in Industry? Tips & tricks from an insider”
16:30-17:00    yESAO next steps

Sept. 28th Friday
19:00    yESAO social evening: sailing school “Käpt'n Piet”