Thu. 09/27
Session P.1 (P1-P16, P53, P55) / 1.15 - 2.00 pm
Chairman 1: N.W. Guldner, Luebeck, Germany (P1-P8) / Chairman 2: T. Gourlay, Glasgow, UK (P9-P16)

01.15 - 02.00 pm  P1 Experimental acute and chronic myocardial ischaemia assessed by micro-PET
B. Walpoth, Genéva, Switzerland
   P2 Computational analysis of retinal artery occlusion
T. Kaufmann, Aachen, Germany
   P3 Computational Analysis of Pathological Blood Flow Conditions in Stenosed Arteries and Aneurysms
M. Behbahani, Aachen, Germany
   P4 The use of a perfusion simulator: evaluation of accuracy and repeatability in extracorporeal circulation
A. Tokumine, Higashiōsaka, Japan
   P5 Analysis of sternal force distribution during median sternotomy on corpses
P. Aigner, Vienna, Austria
   P6 Histopathological gradation of aortic wall changes in adults with severe aortic stenosis
M. Labudovic Borovic, Belgrade, Serbia
   P7 Biotube application to the arteriovenous shunt
M. Yamanami, Osaka, Japan
   P8 Adhesion strength of endothelial cells on acellular bovine pericardiac tissue engineering scaffolds
E. Pagoulatou, Patras, Greece
   P9 Surface Morphology Dependency of Tissue Formation in In Body Tissue Architecture Technology
T. Ichikawa, Osaka, Japan
   P10 Massive In Body Architecture of Robust “Biotube” Vascular Grafts by Dye-Eluting Molds
T. Tsujinaka, Osaka, Japan
   P11 Devitalized xenogenic vascular grafts transplantation: 1-year follow-up
D.V. Byzow, Kharkov, Ukraine
   P12 Rapid preparation of biotube vascular grafts by using eosin-eluting molds
T. Watanabe, Kyoto, Japan
   P13 3D- printing system for submerged deposition of cell loaded hydrogels
A. Blaeser, Aachen, Germany
   P14 A decellularized equine pericardial patch implanted into the systemic circulation
P. Dohmen, Berlin, Germany
   P15 In Vivo-Tissue Engineered Autologous Aortic Valved Conduits (BIOVALVEs type VII): Preparation and Evaluation
Y. Nakayama, Osaka, Japan
   P16 Effect of coils on intraaneurysmal flow
L. Goubergrits, Berlin, Germany