Thu. 09/27
Poster Session 1 (P17-P20) / 1.15 - 2.00 pm
Chairman 1: W. Szpirt, Copenhagen, Denmark / Chairman 2: H. Prophet, Rostock, Germany

01.15 - 02.00 pm  P17 Therapeutic plasma exchange as rescue therapy in severe sepsis and septic shock
J. Hadem, Hannover, Germany
   P18 Investigation of dali-sorption of the lipoproteins binding ability using method of fluorescence dyes
A. Korolik, Minsk, Belarus
   P19 Monocytic THP-1 cells, monocytes and peripheral blood mononuclear cells differ in cytokine secretion upon stumulation with lipopolysaccharide
V. Weber, Krems, Austria
   P20 Immunoadsorbent for selective removal IgG from plasma in system lupus erythematosus
V.V. Kirkovski, Minsk, Belarus