Thu. 09/27
Session T.4 / KTS Katharinenhall / 04.00 - 06.00 pm
CV Biomaterials and Perfusion
Chairman 1: B. Walpoth, Geneva, Switzerland / Chairman 2: J. Gummert, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

04.00 - 04.15 pm  O25 Gene targeting with adenoviral vectors conjugated magnetic nanobeads for cardiac regeneration
Y. Zhang, Rostock, Germany
04.15 - 04.30 pm  O26 Development of Microporous Covered Stents for Treating Cerebral Aneurysms
Y. Nakayama, Osaka, Japan
04.30 - 04.45 pm  O27 Clinical study of a novel ultrafiltration device for circuit salbage in high-risk CABG patients
T. Gourlay,Glasgow, UK
04.45 - 05.00 pm  O28 Development of a vascular model with non-linear mechanical properties
G. Gabel, Berlin, Germany
05.00 - 05.15 pm  O30 New method for continuous blood pressure measurement
S. Weber, Berlin, Germany
05.15 - 05.30 pm  O31 Numerical simulations of jet flow in the aorta
W. Li, Berlin, Germany
05.30 - 05.45 pm  O32 Development of hybrid inflow cannula for assist devices
I. Yusuke, Tokyo, Japan