Thu. 09/27
Session T.3 / KTS Katharinenhall / 02.00 - 03.30 pm
CV Stem Cells
Chairman 1: W. Sherman, New York, USA / Chairman 2: D. Kong, Tianjin, China

02.00 - 02.15 pm O19 A new strategy to transform bone marrow stem-cells into venous endothelial cells
F. Schlegel, Leipzig, Germany
02.15 - 02.30 pm O20 Intra-Myocardial Homing of Adult Stem Cells in a Goat Model: Glandular vs. Mesenchymal Stem Cells
N.W. Guldner, Luebeck, Germany
02.30 - 02.45 pm O21 Transplantation of parthenogenetic embryonic stem cells for treatment of myocardial infarction
Y. Liu, Tianjin, China
02.45 - 03.00 pm O22 Identification of cardioprotective CD4+AT2R+ T cell subpopulation in response to ischemic heart injury
A. Skorska, Rostock, Germany
03.00 - 03.15 pm O23 Influence of the stimulation of AT2R via its agonist Compound 21 on the characteristics of murine CD117+ bone marrow stem cells
M. Ludwig, Rostock, Germany
03.15 - 03.30 pm O24 Therapeutically relevant characteristics of a ResQ 60 BMC-prepared cell product from human sternal bone marrow depend on stem cell content in vitro and in vivo
C.A. Lux, Rostock, Germany