Thu. 09/27
Session T.10 / OS Organhall / 10.30 - 12.30 am
Assessment of  Biomaterial Properties
Chairman 1: T. Groth, Halle, Germany / Chairman 2: A.T. Neffe, Teltow, Germany

10.30 - 11.00 am  K19 Bone regeneration using poly(trimethylene carbonate) and biphasic calcium phosphate composites
Keynote: D.W. Grijpma, Enschede, NL
11.00 - 11.15 am  O47 Influence of different physical and chemical conditions on magnesium degradation
F. Evertz, Hannover, Germany
11.15 - 11.30 am  O48 Does implantation site of drug-eluting polymers matter: subcutaneous vs. aortic?
J.C. Tille, Genéva, Switzerland
11.30 - 11.45 am  O49 Optimised hemocompatibility testing for artificial grafts
D. Pfeiffer, Krems, Austria
11.45 - 12.00 am  O50 cancelled
12.00 - 12.15 am  O51  RGD coated poly (epsilon-caprolactone) grafts induced rapid endothelialization in rats and rabbits
W. Zheng, Tianjin, China
12.15 - 12.30 am  O52 Contribution of osteoblasts and monocytes to the aseptic loosening of total joint replacement
K. Lochner, Rostock, Germany