Fri. 09/28
Poster session 2 (P65-P83) / 1.15 - 2.00 pm
Chairman 1: I. Capelli, Bologna, Italy (P65-70)/ Chairman 2: S. Stracke, Greifswald, Germany (P71-77)/ Chairman 3: A. Führer, Rostock, Germany (P78-83)

01.15 - 02.00 pm  P65 The effect of high-flux hemodialysis on hemoglobin concentration in patients on dialysis
A. Sikole, Skopje, Macedonia
   P66 Survival of dialysis patients in relation to malnutrition in inflammation complex syndrome
A. Sikole, Skopje, Macedonia
   P67 Dialysis complications contribute to worsening disability
L. Trajceska, Skopje, Macedonia
   P68 The ontology of fluid and solute transport process in peritoneal dialysis
T. Podsiadły-Marczykowska, Warsaw, Poland
   P69 Skin Autofluorescence, a Measure of Cumulative Metabolic stress and Advanced Glycation End Products, shows seasonal variations in haemodialysis patients in northern Sweden
B. Ramsauer, Umea, Sweden
   P70 Percutaneous nephrostomy as a treatment of obstructive nephropathy
G. Severova-Andreevska, Skopje, Macedonia
   P71 Clinical outcome of transufsion processed by ultrafiltration in patients undergoing coronary bypass
T. Gourlay, Glasgow, UK
   P72 Early detection of venous stenosis in arteriovenous fistula
V. Pusevski, Skopje, Macedonia
   P73 Impact of the degree of residual stenosis after balloon-angioplasty in arteriovenous fistulae
I. Decorato, Compiègne, France
   P74 Effect of associated complex cardiac disease pathology on postoperative renal function deterioration in patients undergoing aortic valve surgery
R.M. Dandale, Verona, Italy
   P75 Health related quality of life in HD patients with different daily intake of calcium carbonate
S. Gelev, Skopje, Macedonia
   P76 Peritonitis rate and clinical outcomes of peritoneal dialysis - related peritonitis
P.  Dzekova-Vidimliski, Skopje, Macedonia
   P77 Clinical effectiveness of vaccination against influenza in dialysis patients
L. Trajceska, Skopje, Macedonia
   P78 Impact of Genistein, Prednisolone and Hyaluronan on glucose transport across peritoneum in vitro.
T. Grzelak, Poznan, Poland
   P79 KDIGO suggestions for serum MBD markers and health related quality of life in HD patients
S. Gelev, Skopje, Macedonia
   P80 Comparison of two laboratory assays for PTH determination in hemodialysis patients
G. Donati, Bologna, Italy
   P81 Sequential Peritoneal Equilibration Test (sPET): a new method to evaluate peritoneal transport
M. Galach, Warsaw, Poland
   P82 Incidence of late deep venous thrombosis in transplatn patient: a singel center evaluation
P. Todeschini, Bologna, Italy
   P83 Citrate dialysate is useful to reduce the extent of anticoagulation in haemodialysis
B. Stegmayr, Umea, Sweden