Fri. 09/28
Session F.8 / Block B / 04.00 - 05.30 pm
IABP and Alternative Concepts
Chairman 1: A. Khir, Uxbridge, UK / Chairman 2: A. Kaminski, Rostock, Germany

04.00 - 04.15 pm  O88 Fluid structure interaction simulations of a total artificial heart: useful as a design tool?
S.J. Sonntag, Aachen, Germany
04.15 - 04.30 pm  O89 cancelled
04.30 - 04.45 pm  O90 Validation of a computational model for studying the combined effect of upstream and downstream mechanical properties on the performance of the intra-aortic balloon (IAB) (G.  Bruti)
B. Bruti, Uxbridge, UK
04.45 - 05.00 pm  O91 Development of a new extra aortic counter pulsation device using shape memory alloy fibers
M. Hashem, Sendai, Japan
05.00 - 05.15 pm  O92 Cardiac supporting device using artificial rubber muscle
Y. Saito, Hirosaki, Japan
05.15 - 05.30 pm  O93 A new method to evaluate the high variability in ballistography for contact-less recording
S. Herrmann, Dublin, Ireland
05.30 - 06.00 pm   Syncardia Total Artificial Heart
M. Morshuis, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany