Fri. 09/28
Session F.12 / OS Organhall / 4.00 - 6.00 pm
Tissue and Organ Engineering
Chairman 1: D. Falkenhagen, Krems, Austria / Chairman 2: J. Kielstein, Hannover, Germany

04.00 - 04.30 pm K41 Applying technology for tissue engineering
Keynote: K. Schenke-Layland, Tuebingen-Stuttgart, Germany
04.30 - 04.45 pm  O112 Cellular repopulation in a whole-kidney decellularized matrix via antegrade and retrograde routes
Y. Sato, Kawasaki, Japan
04.45 - 05.00 pm  O113 Novel artificial kidney concept: mixed matrix membranes combining diffusion and adsorption in 1 step
M. Tijink, Enschede, NL
05.00 - 05.15 pm  O114 Heparin infusion affects RANKL / OPG system in hemodialysis patients: unfractioned heparin vs LMWH
I. Capelli, Bologna, Italy
05.15 - 05.30 pm  O115 Microvesicles derived from endothelial progenitor cells protect kidneys and pancreatic islets from ischemia-reperfusion injury
F. Figliolini, Torino, Italy
05.30 - 06.00 pm  O116 Regional citrate anticoagulation limits sepsis-associated microvascular injury through the inhibition of release of microvesicles from activated leukocytes and platelets
V. Cantaluppi, Torino, Italy
05.30 - 06.00 pm  O117 cancelled